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We strive to implement our extensive experience in public and private security and provide the highest standard and quality of expertise to those who are serious about obtaining enhanced competence, professional skills and improved readiness. Our 1 year + special courses provide best-in-class skills and knowledge for our students.
It doesn't matter if you are a safety conscious citizen who wants to ensure your family's and personal security, a Law Enforcement or Security Officer , Military Soldier, or a professional who desires additional credentials, we guarantee SIAS has a special short program that's right for you! We train in real world situations and not just a private facility where you can’t factor in real world scenarios.   
Our Krav Maga for women system provides excellent self-defense skills, producing the highest rate of defense successes in facing various types of attacks. In addition to the technical and tactical training required to gain Krav Maga skills, it is also needed that women acquire the appropriate mental capabilities to support their physical readiness to fight. 
Who We Are
Founded in 2009, Special International Academy of Safety (SIAS) provides training programs for security, law enforcement and military professionals as well as civilians. We offer advanced training and courses for a wide range of missions, terrain and tactical situations. Depending on the profile of the course, training methods & scenarios are carefully designed by our Instructors in order to provide You with the best training possible.
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