Our Courses
We offer advanced courses for a wide range of missions, terrain and tactical situations. Depending on the profile of the course, training methods & scenarios are carefully designed by our Instructors in order to provide You with the best training possible.
Bodyguard Course
12 months, 35 000 AMD/mo

The Course will provide you with applied knowledge on how to properly and safely escort your principal to and from all type of locations, how to set- up advanced secure parties, group formations, SWAT, shooting, extreme driving and much more.
Bodyguard-Driver Course
14 months, 35 000 AMD/mo

Our advanced driving skills offer control under speed. This is most useful for escaping and evading danger. In addition to providing courses to individuals, we also tailor needs-led training for organisations. We have substantial experience working in the Middle East and CIS countries.  
Bodyguard- VIP Assistant
14 months, 35 000 AMD/mo

Over the knowledge of security and safety, you will learn how to organizes business and the diplomatic protocol as well as carry on personal assistant tasks.

Bodyguard Secretary
14 months, 35 000 AMD/mo

The number of women training to be bodyguards is on the rise. We not only provide female bodyguards physical training, but also teach how to act as a boss' personal assistant.

Cash-In-Transit (CIT) Guard
5 months, 35 000 AMD/mo

Through a combination of theory and practical, you will receive training on the legalities, reporting and responsibilities of Cash In Transit Guard. You will learn how to load and unload cash in transit in an unsecured environment, implement cash-in-transit security procedures, inspect and test cash-in-transit security equipment.

CIT-Driver Course
6 months, 35 000 AMD/mo

The aim of this course is to ensure that the safety of all drivers and staff members is maintained. The training will also ensure that staff are aware of and understand cash processing procedures to ensure cash can be accurately reconciled at the end of the trading day.
Financial Security
18 months, 40 000 AMD/mo

During the training students get thorough skills in financial and economic security, modern methods to ensure safety of personnel, protection of commercial secret organization and management of property and personal safety of others.
Commercial Security 
18 months, 40 000 AMD/mo

Through this course you will learn how to deliver peace of mind with advanced electronic safety, security and monitoring solutions withing your company. 
Security & Privacy in Communication Networks 
10 months, 35 000 AMD/mo

We know how critical security, privacy and reliability are to both our business and yours. Have peace of mind knowing that SIAS can teach how to handle security and compliance needs of your company.  
Company Security Head
18 months, 40 000 AMD/mo

The couse will provide comprehensive knowledge and skills to commission, lead and review assessments of the security and resilience systems in place and their performance across the Company. 
Security Specialist Course
4 months, 35 000 AMD/mo

This course is the first step towards starting working in the security industry. The course provides with a general overview of the duties and responsibilities of a security guard.  Topics include the role of the security guard, legal powers and limitations, emergency situations, communications, access control, and ethics and conduct. 
Control Room Operator
6 months, 35 000 AMD/mo

Through our course you will gain the knowledge and practical skills to work effectively as a security control room operator, using and maintaining monitoring equipment, identifying and responding to incidents, reporting and more.