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Workshop for Young Homeland Defenders (Yerkrapah) Union
Oct 10,
On October 10, Sargis Bazinyan, SIAS Co-Founder and Head Instructor, together with Krav Maga Armenia Instructors, Mayis Nersesyan and Hrant Kotanjyan conducted a special workshop for Young Homeland Defenders (Yerkrapah) Union (Ejmiatsin).
They presented Krav Maga self-defense techniques. 
Self-defense in high heels, Yerevan
April 29,
So what should a woman do if attacked in their high heels? 
Option one: take them off and run away. Sounds good. I’ll go with that. But you might not have enough time. In which case there’s option two: run away while wearing them.
Tricky. But doable. Needs a lot of practice. What’s option three? Fight while wearing them or take them off and use as a weapon. 

On April 29, a special free of charge master-class was organized for ladies, who want to learn how to defend themselves against attackers while wearing high heels. Sargis Bazinyan, SIAS Co-Founder and Head Instructor, showed a few survival strategies that can save life meanwhile preserving the legal aspects of self-defense.
Workshop for police officers, Dubai
Feb 19,
We work internationally. On February 19, Sargis Bazinyan, SIAS Head Instructor, World and Europe champion, conducted a special workshop for Police Officers Club in Dubai. The program included a demonstration of law enforcement techniques, force escort, hand-to-hand combat, etc. 
Bar Fight Self-Defense Seminar
May 13,
Together with Krav Maga Armenia, SIAS organised "The Bar Fight Self-Defense" seminar. During the seminar the instructors provide realistic self defense training in as close to a real-life situation as possible - in an actual bar. The participants learned how to defend the most common bar fight scenarios, as well as how to manage in a crowd, and how to de-escalate a situation in a hostile environment.
Memorandum of Cooperation
Jul 08,
SIAS signed a memorandum of cooperation with Mogilev Higher College of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This is a great opportunity to establish a practice based cooperation and horizontal knowledge exchange.