Training Programs
It doesn't matter if you are a safety conscious citizen who wants to ensure your family's and personal security, a Law Enforcement or Security Officer , Military Soldier, or a professional who desires additional credentials, we guarantee SIAS has a special short program that's right for you! We train in real world situations and not just a private facility where you can’t factor in real world scenarios.  Our training programs are presented below. Pick one and try!
Military fighting & self-defense

  • Hand-to-hand combat fight
  • Knife fighting
  • Gun techniques
  • Survival skills
Law enforcement techniques 

  • Disarming techniques
  • Subject Control Tactics
  • TeamWork
  • Forced Escort
Strengthening and elevating the organization security

  • VIP protection
  • Bodyguards training
  • Security guards training
  • SWAT
Civilians’ self-defense

  • Kids self-defense: elementary, middle school, high school. anti-bullying, anti-kidnaping techniques
  • Adults self-defense: everyday self-defense: in car, bar, inwater, against robbery, rape, burglary
Counter terrorism

  • Understanding strategy, tactics & techniques
Practical and Tactical shooting​

  • Seminar for civilians
  • Seminar for professionals
Police training

  • Special courses for police & SWAT team
Air Marshals training 

  • Teaching how to protect airline passengers from acts of terror 
We constantly update our training programs and come up with new and fresh ideas.  


Contact us for tailored-to-your-needs workshops and we will share our experience with you!